Arizona State University riders competed in back-to-back classes at 2016 IHSA Nationals. While Kendall Walsh was out of the ribbons in individual intermediate on the flat, Megan Manning (pictured) was Reserve Champion in individual novice on the flat which followed on May 5th. Because this was the first day of the usual four-day IHSA Nationals event no one knew that Manning would finish the weekend with the top ribbon of any Region 2 English or Western rider. But that is how Manning finished her freshman year in Tempe, or rather in Lexington, Kentucky where Nationals was held in 2016 (and again in '17).

In 2015-16 another school from the Grand Canyon State or "Copper" State made Region 2 history. The University of Arizona (coached by Sheryl Gonnsen, on left) won their first Region Title of any kind. Gonnsen piloted the Wildcats Western Team to first place overall for 2015-16, finishing ahead of a Cal Poly - Pomona team that had captured all but one region title every year this century. From Tuscon, Arizona, Mickey Bagley (on right) was the only University of Arizona rider to compete at 2016 IHSA Nationals. Bagley was the Region 2 entry in the individual AQHA High Point Rider competition. Bagley concluded her senior year by placing tenth overall in the division which decides who the top western rider within the IHSA is for the season.
Chapman University has a brief history in the IHSA but in their second season Arianna Dicker (pictured) advanced all the way to IHSA Nationals. From San Diego, Dicker competed in the very first class held over four days at Alltech Arena. Dicker received a combined Judge's score of "79" in individual open over fences on May 5th and left the Kentucky Horse Park with an eighth place ribbon to conclude her junior year.
For a few seasons the University of California at Los Angeles (known worldwide simply as UCLA) did not field an IHSA team. In 2015-16 the Bruins were very much in the mix, and one of their riders went all the way to IHSA Nationals. Kristina Hambley (on right, with head coach Carolin Malmkvist) was second at Zones in individual intermediate over fences to become the first UCLA rider to advance to IHSA Nationals since three Bruins showed at 2008 Nationals at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. Like Dicker of Chapman in the class before her, Hambley received a Judge's score of '79.' Because this was individual intermediate fences the ribbon was slightly better. From Glendale, California, Hambley was fifth in the division, becoming the first UCLA rider to earn a ribbon at an IHSA Nationals event since Caroline Macioszek was eighth in individual walk-trot-canter at the LAEC in '08.
They won hunter seat region titles in 1992, 2006, four straight from 2009-12 and the last three which brings the University of Southern California Trojan's total to nine in program history. For the first time since 2009 SoCal placed as high as second at Zones in the hunter seat team competition (Stanford University has won Zone 8 Zones outright every year since 2007). This meant a full team advanced to Nationals, where Lindsay Levine (pictured) earned three of the Trojan's four points. From San Anselmo, California, Levine finished her freshman year with two rides inside Alltech Arena in Lexington, Kentucky. The first of two resulted in a combined Judge's score of '82' in team novice fences. Levine was one of four riders tested and finished fourth in the division on May 5th.
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The Zone 8, Region 2 Smorgasbord

 Schools which competed in Zone 8, Region 2 during the 2015-16 school year: Arizona State University, Cal Poly - Pomona, Cal State - Fullerton, Chapman University, The Claremont Colleges, Mount San Antonio College, Northern Arizona University, University of Arizona, University of California at Los Angeles, University of California at San Diego, University of California at Santa Barbara, University of San Diego, University of Southern California and Whittier College.

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1997 - University of San Diego
1998 - University of San Diego
1999 - ????????????????
2000 - Cal Poly-Pomona
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2002 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2003 - University of San Diego
2004 - University of San Diego
2005 - University of San Diego
2006 - University of Southern California
2007 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2008 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2009 - University of Southern California
2010 - University of Southern California
2011 - University of Southern California
2012 - University of Southern California
2013 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2014 - University of Southern California
2015 - University of Southern California
2016 - University of Southern California


1997 - ??????????????????
1998 - ??????????????????
1999 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2000 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2001 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2002 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2003 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2004 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2005 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2006 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2007 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2008 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2009 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2010 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2011 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2012 - Arizona State University
2013 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2014 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2015 - Cal Poly-Pomona
2016 - University of Arizona

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