Sometimes Campus Equestrian is the last to know something; Sometimes we are the first. One thing is for sure and that is that some people can't get enough of the IHSA (or at least specific teams or regions). Starting in 2014 we are placing what we are calling the 'Social Media Smorgasbord' off every one of our region pages. What we would like others to do is send us the names of "Team - Related" Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts and even traditional websites (athletics web sites are good too) so that we can post the URL's of the Facebook pages and Websites or the Twitter accounts (hashtags with names) so that anyone interested can follow them. Many times riders and/or coaches will immediately update a Facebook Page or send a Tweet that reveals who won something. If your team has either a Facebook Page, Twitter Feed, a website of their own or even some other form of social media please, please e-mail us the information at and we will add it to this page below the paragraph you are reading so others may follow along if they desire. Thanks to one of the current Region Co-Presidents we have a great number of Region 1 Facebook Pages listed below, including a Facebook page for the entire region.


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